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Banks and financial institutions

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On-line social network (OSN) specialized in the banking, insurance and finance sectors. This is the modern way to create, develop and manage your own professional network. Useful to find a training period or a job for students, to catch the job market opportunities for employees, to hire new people for firms and job hunters, to find missions for consultants.

Official website of the Fédération Bancaire Française (FBF).

Directory of financial institutions in France with addresses and key financial data .

Directory of financial institutions and related firms (IT ) in France with job offers.

Directory of financial institutions.

Directory of worldwide financial institutions with key financial information, studies and job offers.

Corporate finance

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Website dedicated to the book with useful information (mainly in French).

Financial markets

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Website about the rating of funds.

Personal finance

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Website about wealth management

Economic and financial data

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Website with market data (stocks, interest rates, foreign exchange rates and commodities).

Website of the French Institut National des Statistiques et Etudes Economiques (INSEE) presenting the official data of the French economy and studies.

Academic resources

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Part of the Journal of Finance website with the list of academic finance journals and finance professors.

Tool developed by Google to assess the notoriety of researchers based on the number of citations of their research publications.

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